10 Effective Ways to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Quality

We all know the remarkable importance of sleep to the development of babies. It not only supports the growth of children, but also their emotional well-being. Most of parents may find difficult to nurture good sleep quality of their babies. Some babies wake up a lot during night; whereas, the others need long time to get back to sleep. Here are our tips to improve the sleep for both of you and your babies.

1. Set up a bed time routine

It is quite challengeable for parents to transfer from daily activities to sleep. A standard bed time routine includes all activities before going to sleep. They can be listed here, including teeth brushing, singing a song, reading story or having a bath.

2. Have suitable time for waking up and going to bed

Another important requirement is setting up appropriate wake-up time and bed time. You will need the internal clock to make your babies feel sleepy and awake on the right time during days. For example, it is hard to change the habit of a child to wake up during the school week instead of waking up lately at the weekend. To contrast,


How to Comfort and Sooth Crying Babies

In fact, it is very hard to stop a crying baby. You might worry about whether anything wrong with your babies, then you feel annoyed and lose control. Actually, it is common that parents feel frustrated, anxious, and even get angry when facing with a crying baby. But don’t worry.There is always solution for your problem. It is all about learning the right techniques to soothe an upset crying baby while keeping you calm. Here are some tips:

1. Find Out What Babies Need

There are so many reasons that make babies cry, and crying is their main communication tool. They want to get your attention and express their needs. Of course, it is quite hard to understand what babies want, but when you spend time listening, you will identify your child’s specific needs. Here are some common reasons:

  • Feel sleepy or tired
  • Wear wet or dirty diaper
  • Feel hungry
  • Being annoyed by noise or activity
  • Have colic, acid reflux, or food allergies
  • Get pained or ill
  • Feel scared and anxious by strangers

You also need to clarify your baby are unresponsive or not.


Japanese Weaning – How Japanese Feed Their Babies

Japanese weaning method is not quite familiar in Europe and America because most parents there use traditional weaning and Baby led weaning method. But in Asia countries, Japanese weaning style has been more and more popular as this method has its outstanding benefits. Parents will have headache to choose the best weaning style for their babies depending on special situations. This article will give you basic information about how Japanese wean babies and its pros and cons as well.

What is Japanese weaning style?

In Japan, babies are early introduced to weaning. Now, the suitable age is 5-6 months. This method focus mainly on helping children get familiar with tastes of foods in order to develop their gustatory perception. For that reason, moms only give one meal per day and breast milk is still the main nutrition source. Here are some important considerations:

– Start weaning with diluted porridge with the portion 1:10. Thickening porridge will increase when children get older. – Japanese weaning dishes have balance of flour, protein and vitamin. Meals will be changed frequently to avoid boredom and help children identify different kinds of foods. – Sugar and formula milk are not encouraged to be eaten a lot because Japanese parents do not want their kids become obsessed. [...]

Baby Led Weaning – What You Need to Buy

When your babies get older, you have to make decision on choosing different weaning methods. Currently, the most popular weaning term that you might hear is Baby led weaning. Forget about complicated puree recipes, you only have to give what you eat to your child (except salt) and let them join with family.
It sounds quote simple as foods are what you need to care most. However, you also should check other following items whether they are available at your house. Otherwise, start to make a list and go shopping (no need to rush out!!!). Here are necessary items you might purchase.

  • High chair. This item is mentioned first because your child needs a safe place to sit and eat actually, where he/she can be sitting upright. It is very hard for children to feed themselves if you let them half eat and half mush foods into the floors. In the markets, there are various types of high chairs such as plastic-frame or basic metal-, full-featured or wooden highchairs for your preference. Furthermore, other factors including: versatility, Adjust-ability, Sturdiness, comfort, safety harness and wheels should be considered carefully too. The price of highchairs ranges from $20 to $500 or more.

Baby Led Weaning – Benefits and Drawbacks

When a baby is born, there are a lot of things parents have to think about. You will face with a lot of questions: How to take care them, how to breastfeed them, how to stop them cry. Then when they are 6 months old, you start finding information about weaning. Currently, there are several weaning methods, but Baby Led Weaning has been the most popular term in recent years. This article will give you brief information about Baby led weaning- what it is and its benefits and drawbacks as well.

What is Baby Led Weaning?

Baby led weaning could be simply understood that you let your children to feed themselves finger foods from the start of weaning. Every babies from 6 months old could apply this method combining breast milk as the main nutrition source. This method requires parents to respect their babies’ decisions and let them to explore and enjoy foods with families. Now let have a look on its benefits

  • Parents will save more time. Processing purees takes a lot of time and you might be tired of thinking about cooking and changing recipes.