Humidifiers for Babies – What We Need to Know

Humidifiers for Babies - What We Need to Know

Dry air is main reason causing to the development of viruses and irritation on the nose, skin and lungs of babies. As you know, babies have sensitive skin and respiratory systems. They are easily affected by environmental elements such as cold, hot weather, etc…One fact is that the drugs for small kids are not as same as adult. This is the reason why pediatricians recommend that parents should use humidifier for their babies.

  • Ultimate Benefits of Using Humidifiers

Humidifier provides an efficient method to moisture the air. It helps reduce common health problems in winter such as cold symptoms, dry skin and eyes and chapped lips. Then, what makes the humidifier become so efficient? This result comes from the useful vapor of the humidifier. The vapor contributes to deal with cold infection and makes you feel more comfortable in throat, nose and chest. Another pretty benefit of a humidifier is the improvement in deep sleep quality. It creates the soothing white noise to easily lull infants and babies.

  • Features to Look for When Purchasing a Humidifier

It is quite challengeable for you to pick up the best humidifier among a variety of options. Think carefully before giving your final decisions. Here are typical features to look for when buying a humidifier for your needs and demands.

  • Humidistat

Humidifiers for Babies – What We Need to Know

The humidistat indicates the number of moisture in your baby’s room. It flexibly changes between 30 and 50 percent.

  • Automatic Shut-Off

It is advisable for you to select a humidifier with automatic shut-off function. This feature contributes to save energy through the limitation of running without water.

  • Replaceable Filters

The difference between a permanent filter and replaceable filter is that replaceable type requires higher cost for maintenance.

  • Anti-Microbial Technology

Thanks to this feature, a modern humidifier could prevent mold and mildew well. It is an important factor in removing germs due to UV light and silver ion.

  • Ultrasonic Versus Impeller

Many people choose ultrasonic humidifier for better and softer mist. This humidifier uses high-speed fan to create the suitable amount of mist for your babies.

  • Types of Humidifier for Baby

Humidifiers for Babies – What We Need to Know

Feel free to select the best humidifiers for your demands and budgets. There are 2 main ways to decide whether the humidifier is suitable for you or not.
The first option is choosing right humidifier based on its characteristics, including cool mist and warm mist. Before giving your choice, you had better analyze both strengths and weaknesses of each type of product. Cool mist humidifier protects your babies from being scalded. However, you shouldn’t use this tool in too long time because it can lead to diseases related to croup. A big plus of warm mist humidifier is making your babies easier to breathe. Some users will find it expensive to purchase the warm mist unit.
Moreover, it is simple to choose the humidifier with suitable sizes. If you prefer portable humidifier for only one room, a tabletop is the ideal option. The bigger size choice, console humidifier, could move easily from this room to another. This type makes impressive by the ability to hold 5 to 9 gallons of water.

  • Precautions

Using humidifier improperly may cause to dangers to your babies. In order to avoid this problem, you should follow these tips below.
First of all, regularly cleaning the humidifier of your baby is a necessary task. Disinfecting helps defeat the development of bacteria in the humidifier surface. This number will actually make you surprised. One fact is that mold starts developing strongly within 48 hours. Therefore, parents had better read carefully the instructions from manufacture to have right disinfecting solutions. Bleach could be added to efficiently disinfect the humidifier.
Instead of using tap water for the humidifier of your baby, you should make use of distilled water. Fresh distilled water prevents the humidifier from unexpected minerals.
Last but not least, make sure that the humidifier is always out of reach of your babies by unplugging this machine. This helps protect curious children from accidentally touching.

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