How to Cure A Throat Rhinitis for Baby Without Using Drugs

At the time of delivery of the season, when the parents see children with sore throats, fever and coughing. The baby may be sick, but the sore throat rhinitis medication back is limited especially antibiotics. At this time the baby’s body is still immature, if taking medication that may cause bad influences to the baby’s health. So, in this post we would like to share with other parents how to cure rhinitis, sore throat for baby with natural but very effective.

How to Cure A Throat Rhinitis for Baby Without Using Drugs

  • Principles for the Treatment of Rhinitis, Sore Throat for Baby

+ When the baby suffered acute pharyngitis, you should keep the baby warm, especially the parts is the neck, chest, feet, liver. When the weather is turning cold need warm compost for small children, enhancing supplements of vitamins to increase resistance. At young high fevers need timely for fever.
+ Now, many parents mistakenly believe that keep the sore throat is for antibiotics. This is truly a disservice because many dangerous hidden with the baby. The parents often impatient every time she shows signs of sore throats, coughing and fever should be commonly used antibiotics right from the start. But according to research by scientists, only 15% of patients have symptoms of cough, sore throats are caused by bacterial infection and the need to use antibiotics, the remaining 85% of patients with cough is caused by a virus or other causes, so antibiotics don’t work.

  • Leaf Chives

Leaf chives works very effective for cough is the most common mother. Parents just take a handful chives leaves washed, finely chopped and a weight just enough sugar in a bowl and then bring the cleaning water. Get water there for the baby to drink on 2 times, each time for about 2-3 spoons cafe.

  • Lemon Basil Leaves

In lemon basil leaves contain an essential oil that is mostly cavaron work solving phlegm detoxification should have effective use in healing sore throats for baby. Parents get a 20 gram lemon basil leaves range offering washed, finely chopped in a bowl along with 20 grams of rock sugar. Bring water distillation, extraction of water and drank from the baby taken from. If the baby has mom shut up baby can give big upset in the mouth, sucking water. Every day drinking a bowl so in 3-5 days is the child will help really sore throats and coughs.

  • Daisy Conversion

Want to treat coughs for baby, the parents need to spend a bit of time for processing. Tabloid daisies washed, finely chopped then add a little honey and cleaning water within about 20 minutes out of water, and then for the baby to drink. Should kids drink from about 3-5 days.

How to Cure A Throat Rhinitis for Baby Without Using Drugs

  • Perilla

The uses of shiso is commonly known as: treat colds, vomiting, fever, malaria, headaches, diuretic, sweating, expansion of the abdomen, constipation, allergies, sore joints, poison hit. Perilla are warm, spicy, non toxic, cough sore throat are very good for the baby. Porridge and shiso is the familiar feel of medicines for adults. This method is also very good for the baby. But parents take note pureed baby vegetables easier to swallow.

  • Garlic, Honey

Two cloves garlic, pureed mixed with two teaspoons of honey, get the cleaning water. Not cleaning the garlic, cooked tasted garlic smell the black position is found. For baby drink half a teaspoon, on from 1-2 times. Before drinking, should give the baby drinking water filter. For the baby to drink garlic essential oil is the method to be more parents applied for because of the miraculous garlic in healing inflammation in kid and adult. To reduce the pungent garlic, garlic baked in then let mother mashed the cheers, add water for drinking or for baby garlic in your baby porridge also works.

  • Fish Lettuce

In addition to the effects such as cooling, detoxification, acne pustules, urination, reduction of edema, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, lettuce is one of the remaining fish antibiotics natural cures cough sore throat very effectively for the baby. This is antibiotics, especially for the baby constipation. Increasing fish have anti inflammatory effects directly on the throat. In the time of drinking baby lettuce, you can see the fish go out loose. Don’t worry because it is a perfectly normal thing.

How to Cure A Throat Rhinitis for Baby Without Using Drugs

  • With Sauna

Parents can give the baby a steam bath with hot water, or use some of the herbs like bamboo leaves, leaf marjoram. Cooking all the sauna up for baby. Exposure to steam help dilutes the room in the nose, the nose making greasy baby breathing easier and helps the ventilation. However, because of stamina and resistance of immature little weak so parents should note not to steam water sauna too hot or too bold smell makes your baby suffer shortness of breath.

  • Use Saline

Salt water is the common measure of healing for baby rhinitis. Salt have antibacterial properties very well should be made effective decongestant use. The parents could use salt water in two ways: buy nose drops form saline or water or prepare a small salt water for baby’s nose right at home by mixing a cup of warm water and half a café table salt. Just a small note mother drops in the nostrils for babies is enough.

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